13 Rug
    ”Øllebrød” wam porrigde of ryebread with skyr, hazelnut and baked plums
    300 grams of rye bread
    1 dark beer (33 cl)
    50-75 grams of brown sugar
    about 5 cups water
    2 dl skyr
    25 g of hazelnut or macadamian
    10 plums
    2 tbsp. acacia honey

    Cut plums in half and remove stones, put the plums into a oven prof dish
    put honey on the plums and toss them well over and reload the plums so they are cutting surface facing up. Put the plums in the oven and bake them at 120 degrees for about 30 min. So they get a bit soft, but still holds its shape.
    Remove the plums from the oven and let them cool.
    Break the bread into small pieces and put it to soak in  beer so just cover. This can be done the day before if the bread is very dry, but if the bread  is fresh and delicious, then let rest ½-1 hour.
    Put the soaked bread and beer in a pot together with water
    Put the pot at low heat and stir into the pan occasionally to mix the bread into the water. The more the bread being touched out and warmed up, the more mass thickens. Let it simmer about 15-20 minutes, stirring occasionally, otherwise it will stick to the button of the pot an easily get burned.
    Add brown sugar and again stir well, and now the “øllebrød” is ready, if it`s a bit to thick, you can add a bit of water og beer.
    Serve the warm “øllebrød” with baked plums, chopped nuts and skyr.