Spinach salsa

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    Spinach salsa with parmesan and pimento the espelette for focaccia
    Spinach salsa
    500 g spinach
    50 g freshly grated parmesan
    2 cloves of garlic
    3 dl olive oil
    salt and pepper
    1 tsp. pimento the espelette
    Take stems of spinach, wash and drain spinach leaves thoroughly.
    Put spinach, grated Parmesan, peeled garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper into a blender and blend to a smooth green salsa.
    Put salsa into a bowl, so it’s ready to put on foccacia

    7 dl water
    20 g yeast
    500 g of organic wheat flour
    300 g of wheat flour Øland
    20 g sea salt
    4 tablespoons. good cold-pressed rapeseed oil
    5-6 tbsp. spinach salsa

    Mix cold water and the yeast. Add the flour, Öland wheat flour and salt and knead well with a mixing spoon until you have a smooth and consistent dough
    Let the dough rise for about 3 hours in the bowl with a cloth over.
    Butter a large baking pan with oil. Put the dough in the baking tray.

    Put the spinach salsa on to the dough in a thin layer and sprinkle with sea salt and pimento the Espelette. Let the dough rise in ½ – 1 hour. Put the foccaccia in the oven at 220° bake it for about 15 min, turn down the heat to 180°and bake for further 20 min. until it is crisp and golden, take the foccacia out of the pan and let cool on a wire rack and serve.
    Save the excess salsa in a canning jars in the refrigerator and use as an accompaniment to cold meats, cold cuts or strong cheese or put in the freezer and save for the next time you bake focaccia.

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