Mikkel Karstad
    Sortedam Dossering 59 F, 2.
    2100 Copenhagen

    +45 30 25 75 09


    1. <b class="fn">Carla Gullichsen</b>

      Hello Mikkel,

      Is there a link to your bio? we are very curious to hear more about who you are and why and how you do what you do.

      Thank you

      1. <b class="fn">Karstad</b>

        Hi Carla
        Yes, you can fin it on the blog, under CV and Work:)
        Otherwise you can contact me on mail…

    2. <b class="fn">Lars Ørgaard Hansen</b>

      Tak for super lækker mad hos The Set i mandags. Kom gerne igen 🙂

      1. <b class="fn">Karstad</b>

        Hej Lars
        Tak skal du havde, en hyggelig aften…så mon ikke der bliver en gentagelse:)

    3. <b class="fn">Silke</b>

      Hi Mikkel,
      would you share the name of the ceramicist/brand of the white dinner plates and serving platters/bowls shown in this post That would be very cool. Those pieces are really beautiful!
      Thank you.
      Best wishes,

      1. <b class="fn">Karstad</b>

        Hi Silke
        Sorry for my slow respons, it some different brands, but the dinner plates are from Lars(a french brands, got them in Paris, the others are from small danish ceramics…gurli elbækgaard and Wurtz, and one from japanese brand called Hasami ceramic:)

    4. <b class="fn">Nana</b>

      Hi, I just wanted to say that what you do and how you do it in this blog and your books is wonderful, fresh and constant source of inspiration 🙂
      I am eagerly looking forward to a new book. All the best and lots of success to you!

      1. <b class="fn">Karstad</b>

        Thanks for your kind message, glad to hear that you like what I`m doing:)

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