Mikkel Karstad
    Sortedam Dossering 59 F, 2.
    2100 Copenhagen

    +45 30 25 75 09


    1. <b class="fn">Carla Gullichsen</b>

      Hello Mikkel,

      Is there a link to your bio? we are very curious to hear more about who you are and why and how you do what you do.

      Thank you

      1. <b class="fn">Karstad</b>

        Hi Carla
        Yes, you can fin it on the blog, under CV and Work:)
        Otherwise you can contact me on mail…

    2. <b class="fn">Lars Ørgaard Hansen</b>

      Tak for super lækker mad hos The Set i mandags. Kom gerne igen :-)

      1. <b class="fn">Karstad</b>

        Hej Lars
        Tak skal du havde, en hyggelig aften…så mon ikke der bliver en gentagelse:)

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