04 Æd din skovSpruce
    The tender springs of spruce is the most interesting edible part.
    They taste sour and slightly resinous spruce, but when the spruce springs are heated, the taste changes of the sweet and almost berry like. The spruce are to be assembled, where there isn`t sprayed fields or near busy roads. They should preferably be used while they are fresh, but you can also easily freeze them and use them later.
    Older needles may be used for tea or syrup.

    Spruce salt
    2 handful new bright green spruce
    2 handful of coarse salt

    Put salt and spruce in a food processor and mix for 2-3 minutes. Until you get a quite bright green and aromatic salt, with a fragrance of forest and a bit of citrus tones, as there is in the brand new spruce.
    Put salt into a glass or an airtight jar, salt can be stored up to 2-3 months, but loses little of its “strength” and fragrance the more time that passes.
    The salt is good to sprinkle on meat, poultry and fish, so the spruce flavor gets into the subject. Is also quite suited to put on a boiled potato or a soft boiled egg.

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