01-kalSteamed cabbage top leaves with rocket cream and parmesan
    4 people
    12-16 cabbage top leaves according to size
    30 g butter
    2 dl water
    Salt and freshly ground pepper
    50 g rocket
    25 g fresh parmesan

    Wash and clean the cabbage top leaves..
    Bring one sauteusse / low shallow pan with about 2 cups water, salt and butter to a boil, put  cabbage in to the pan and let it boil in the water and butter, covered, for 1-2 minutes. So it just gets tender and still have plenty of crispness and bite.
    Take the cabbage up from the pot,  and place on a platter and keep them warm.
    Put  the washed rocket up in a blender and pour the hot cabbage-butter water and blend 1-2 minutes. Until you have a green and smooth cream.
    Put the rocket cream back into the pan and warm gently and season  with extra salt and freshly ground pepper.
    Place the cream in the bottom of 4 plates, place cabbage on top and lots of grated parmesan on top.
    Serve immediately, so the cream and cabbage is hot and cabbage maintains its crispness.
    Serve with good bread, like a small green starter or mellemret in a menu.