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    Roasted savoy cabbage with brown butter, lemon, pickled elderflower, hazelnut and tarragon
    4 people

    2 tablespoons. olive oil
    25 g butter
    1 small or 1/2 large savoy cabbage (about 7-800 g.)
    1 organic lemon
    2 tablespoons. pickled elderflower (if you do not have pickled elderflower, you can use some juice and a light fruit vinegar)
    40 g hazelnut
    1 bunch of tarragon
    salt and pepper

    Take of the outer leaves of savoy cabbage and toss them, chop the savoy cabbage into coarse pieces and rinse thoroughly in cold water, then drain thoroughly.
    Heat a pan and add oil, add the savoy cabbage.
    Stir savoy cabbage at high heat for approx. 2 min. So it gets cooked and gets a little “burnt” tones in some places and still is crisp and fresh in other places, season with salt and pepper.
    Take the cabbage off the pan, then add butter and let it turn golden brown, until it begins to smell nutty.
    Take butter from the pan and put into a bowl and mix with grated zest and juice from lemon, pickled elderflower and some vinegar from it, chopped hazelnuts and chopped estragon and mix it all well into a dressing.
    Pour the dressing over the fried cabbage and mix it well.
    Server the cabbage on a dish or in a bowl and server for fish or poultry, or as an independent dish in a larger green meal.

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