Salad of mushrooms, pumpkin and raddichio



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    4 persons

    400 g  wild mushrooms (pipe hats, cantarelle)
    1 hokaido pumpkin
    1 raddichio
    ½ dl. olive oil
    ½ dl. apple vinegar
    1 tsp. acacia honey
    salt and freshly squeezed pepper
    a handful of woodsorrel

    Clean mushrooms free of soil and possibly small leaves, use a small knife or a brush, check the mushrooms for worms and whether the pipes on the hats are in good condition and not to soft.
    Divide hokaido into 2 and scrape the kernels out with a spoon.

    Cut hokaido into coarse pieces and put into a ovenproof dish, dripped with a little olive oil, vinegar, honey, salt and freshly ground pepper, a mix well so that hokaido is evenly marinated.
    Put the dish in the oven and bake the pumpkin for approx. 20 min at 180 degrees, so it gets a nice caramelised surface and gets tender.

    Take pumpkin out of the oven and let it cool a little.
    Cut mushrooms into smaller pieces and put them on a hot pan in a little olive oil, fry them 2-3 min. until they get tender , but still have a little bite and texture, season with salt and freshly ground pepper.
    Take the mushrooms of the pan and mix with the baked pumpkin.
    Cut the raddichio into coarse pieces and rinse in cold water, drizzle gently and mix with mushrooms and pumpkins.

    Season with a little extra olive oil, vinegar, salt and freshly ground pepper.

    Put on a platter and sprinkle with a little woodsorrel on top.

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