Red cabbage salad

    171237 04 Jule middag for 2

    Red cabbage salad with dried figs, orange and walnuts
    4 persons
    ¼ red cabbage (about 300 g)
    120 g of dried figs
    2 unsprayed orange
    3 tablespoons. apple vinegar
    4 tablespoons. olive oil
    40 g walnuts
    salt and freshly squeezed pepper

    Cut red cabbage finely and put it in a bowl, chop dried figs into smaller pieces and put into the red cabbage.
    Add orange zest into a bowl, together with vinegar, oil, honey, salt and freshly ground pepper, stir together for a dressing.
    Cut the orange into small pieces, and add to  the dressing.
    Pour the dressing over the red cabbage and mix it well, chop walnuts and put the red cabbage salad
    Mix well and serve the salad for fried duck or pork roast..

    171237 07 Jule middag for 2