Chanterelle is one of the finest edible musroom which grow in Denmark. Chanterelle grows under trees, especially beech, fir and oak, both taken in deciduous and coniferous forest.It requires an acidic bottom, windswept open spaces and moss often between trees. It is very easy to recognize,the “hat” is 3-8 cm, yellow or pale yellow-white, firm, dry with irregular wavy rim. The bottom side has lamellar ribs which are designed as sharp, that run down the stalk.The stalk is short, 2-6 cm high and 0.5 to 1.5 cm thick, solid and has the same color as the hat. The flesh is whitish to yellowish and firm, dusty tracks is whitish. A really good eating musroom that can not be eaten raw because of the sharp bitter taste that disappears when cooking. The sharp taste keeps snails and worms away, so it is easy to find undamaged chanterelle. The meat may have a slight scent of dried apricots. Chanterelles brushed clean gently with a brush, they should not be washed unless they are very dirty. If they must be washed fill a sink or tub of water, put chanterelles quickly up and down so they do not absorb too much water to, and thereby lose flavor and crispness. Then placed on a newspaper and dripping off. BUT chanterelles should not be washed. Since it takes some of their fine taste, because they quickly absorb water and become a little “soft” in it.

    Creamy chanterelles with crunchy bread and parsley
     4 people
    400 g chanterelles
    20 g butter
    1 shallot
    ½ dl. apple cider or sherry
    2 dl. whipping cream
    ½ organic lemon
    Sea salt and freshly ground pepper
    8 slices good bread
    1 tbsp. olive oil

    Clean the chanterelles with a brush or something else, use only water if very dirty. Split chanterelles into small pieces and let them sit on a paper towel and “dry” a little. Melt the butter in a frying pan, put chanterelles on and fry them on medium heat for 3-5 minutes. Add the apple cider and cream and let it cook into the chanterelles until it starts to thicken. Season with salt and freshly ground pepper.

    Chop the shallots very finely and add into the chanterelles in the end, season with finely grated zest and juice of lemon, to give crispness and sharpness to the creamy chanterelles. Sprinkle bread slices with olive oil and grill them on a grill or in oven. Add the stewed chanterelles up on crisp grilled bread, sprinkle a little chopped parsley and a little finely sliced shallots on top to give a little sharpness / edge and freshness. Server as a small starter or lunch dish with a good salad. You can also use other wild mushrooms, if you can´t get hold of chanterelles.

    Dried chanterelles
    If you find  a lot of chanterelles or other mushrooms, more than you can eat, it’s a really good idea to dry them.  Put the slices up on baking sheet and dry the mushrooms in the oven at about 60-70 degrees in 1 hour or until completely dry. It is important that the mushrooms are completely dry, otherwise they will start to rot when they are stored in a glass. This can be done with most musrooms, and then you can enjoy them a while beyond the normal season, can be used for risotto, sauce or soup.

    Risotto with chantarelle
    4 cou.
    300 g risotto rice (arborio or Carnaroli)
    1 cup white wine
    1 liter chicken stock or water
    50 g butter
    60 g parmesan
    1 shallot
    2 tbsp. apple vinegar
    150 g of chanterelle

    Sauté chopped shallots in a little butter until they are tender without getting color. Add rice and let it sauté in 2-3 minutes, add the white wine and let it boiled into the rice. Boiling chicken stock or water, add a little at a time so the rice is covered at all times. Let the rice boiled for 15-18 min. so they are tender but still with some bite. It is important to add salt during cooking, so that the salt cook into the rice. Chanterelles cleaned and divided into smaller pieces, roasted in a little butter in a pan and then added to the rice. Take the rice from the heat, add butter and grated parmesan cheese to a soft and creamy risotto. Season with salt, pepper and vinegar. Serve the risotto immediately so it keeps warm and creamy when you eat it. Serve as a starter or a main course with a salad and some good bread.