Serves 4
    4 small, young celeriac (about the size of a tennis ball) or 2 slightly larger ones
    50 g butter
    3 garlic cloves
    2 sage sprigs
    2 rosemary sprigs
    2 shallots
    1/2 dl apple cider vinegar
    1 tsp acacia honey
    1 dl extra virgin olive oil
    salt and fresh ground pepper
    40 g walnuts
    2 tbsp salted green elderberries (or capers)
    25 g parmesan

    Peel the celeriac, but be careful that you don’t peel off too much of the wonderful, young celeriac. Keep a little of the tops. Rinse the celeriac thoroughly, since there can be a little dirt hidden in the top.

    Place 40 g of butter, the whole garlic cloves, sage and rosemary into a pot, and let the butter bubble up. Place the small celeriac in the pot and let them fry over low heat in the butter and the herbs. Keep turning the celeriac a little the whole time that they cook, so that they get a nice golden crust on all sides, and also absorb the taste of the butter and herbs. Let the celeriac fry for 15-20 minutes total, until they become soft, but also still maintain their shape. Take care that the butter doesn’t become too brown and burn during the frying because then it will become bitter. Add the last of the butter, and let it bubble up around the celeriac in the pot.

    Peel the shallots, and cut them into thin slices. Whisk the vinegar, honey, and oil together into a dressing, and season with salt and fresh ground pepper. Add the shallots, chopped walnuts and salted elderberries into the dressing, and blend them thoroughly together. Add the browned butter from the celeriac into the dressing, and blend thoroughly again.

    Cut the celeriac into slices, and arrange them on a plate or platter, and pour the 
    dressing over. Season with a little extra salt and fresh ground pepper. Serve the celeriac immediately, while the celeriac and dressing are still a little warm because if the dressing becomes too cold, you risk the butter clumping. Serve the dish with good bread.