Eat more green in 2016 …

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    Steamed baby cabbage with rocket cream and parmesan
    4 people
    4-8 baby cabbage (cabbage sprouts)
    30 g butter
    2 dl water
    Salt and freshly ground pepper
    50 g rocket
    25 g fresh Parmesan
    Rinse the cabbage carefully.

    Bring one sauteusse / low shallow pan with about 2 cups water, salt and butter to a boil, put cabbage in the pan and let it cook in water and butter, covered, for 1-2 minutes. So it only just get cooked and still have plenty of crispness and bite.
    Take cabbage up from  the pot and place on a platter, covered so they keep warm.
    Getting the rocket washed up in a blender and pour the hot cabbage-butter water and blend 1-2 minutes. Until you have a green and smooth cream.
    Put rocket cream back into the saucepan and warm gently and, season  with extra salt and freshly ground pepper.
    Place the cream in the bottom of 4 plates, place cabbage on top and grade lots of parmesan on top.
    Serve immediately, so cream and cabbage is warm and cabbage maintains its crispness.
    Serve with good bread, like a small green starter or sidedish in a menu.

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