Whether you grow them yourself or buy them at your local greengrocer, then fresh herbs just amazing in or on almost every food. They both smell good and look beautiful, and then they give a hint of bitterness, freshness and sweetness. Herbs is suitable for almost everything; fish, meat, poultry and vegetables. Even for sweets like chocolate, fruits and berries. And when it season, like right now, you have them in your garden or yard, on your patio or in your greengrocer, then it is just to use them in large amounts. Also remember to save the herbs for the cold months, either by making oil or dry them. Then you can enjoy them all year.

    Dried Herbs

    Herbs (thyme, rosemary, sage, mint)
    Rinse the herbs in cold water and drain them thoroughly so they are completely dry. Gather herbs in small bundles, and tie the string tightly around the root end. Hang the herbs with the “head” down, a place where there are good air. So that is not in a refrigerator, but in the kitchen, in a shed or on a covered balcony. If you have many herbs in the summer, it is a really good way to store herbs, for the cold and dark winter times.