Kale and apple juice

    4 glass
    5-6 stalks kale
    4 apples
    ½ lemon

    Wash kale and apples, press apples and kale through a juicer as they are, perhaps. If necessary cut them into small pieces so they can go into the juicer.
    You will get a beautiful green juice, taste the juice and if necessary add a little lemon juice if the apples have not freshness/acidity enough in itself.
    Server juice with an ice cube.

    Drink the juice right away, because, it will quickly loose it´s freshness and beautiful green color.
    The juice can also be made of other kinds of cabbage.

    If the kale is a little “old and soft”  it´s a good idea to leave it in ice water, this helps kale to become brittle and “fresh” again.