Braised lamb with thyme, salt and lemon beer, served with fresh salad of root vegetables with mustard and pears
    6-8 people
    1 leg of lamb
    10 sprigs of thyme
    1 salted pickled lemon
    ½ liter of beer
    3 dl water
    make some small cut in the leg of lamb(see the picture)chop thyme and cut the lemon into coarse pieces.
    Put leg of lamb into a big ovenproof tray and rub lemon, thyme, salt and freshly ground pepper well into the .
    Add beer and water and set the leg of lamb in the oven at 130 to 140 degrees in 3.5-4 hours. During cooking, it is important that you put some of the liquid over the leg of lamb during the cooking, so it dosen`t become dry.
    Take the lamb out of the oven and let rest 10-15 minutes. Before you cut it into slices and serve with the salad.

    Root vegetable salad
    1 kg. Mixed root vegetables (carrot, parsley, parsnips or celery)
    2 pears
    2 shallots
    1 bunch flat-leaf parsley
    ½ cup. olive oil
    3-4 tbsp. apple vinegar
    1 tbsp. acacia honey
    2 tbsp. mustard
    Peel the root vegetables and cut them into very thin fine slices, put in a bowl.
    cut pears into quarters, remove the cored and cut into thin slices.
    Peel the shallots and cut into thin rings.
    Mix vinegar, oil, honey, mustard, salt and freshly ground together to make a dressing.
    Marinated root vegetables, onion rings and pears with dressing and add chopped parsley.
    Serve the slightly rustic salad for the sliced lamb and some of the juices from the dish.