Lemon “jam “
    1-2 glasses
    10 organic lemons
    2 vanilla pods
    5 cups water
    600 g of cane sugar
    Lemons are in season and reasonably cheap right now, so take the opportunity and weekends to fill jam stock up with this lovely jam:  Peel 2 of the lemons with a potato peeler, making sure that nothing comes of it white with the peel Cut the peel into thin strips and put them in a pot with water. Let the strips cook for 15-20 min. Cut the peel of the lemons with a knife, so all the white comes off, and only the pure Lemon “meat” is left. Cut the lemon “meat” into small cubes. Put lemon cubes and vanilla pod to pot with the strips and simmer on low heat for 30 minutes. the lid. Add the sugar after the 30 min. , And simmer for another 30 minutes, the jam should have a suitable consistency now. Getting the hot jam on  washed glass jar and store in the refrigerator. The jam will keep unopened for 4-5 months in the fridge and 3-4 weeks in the refrigerator if it is open.

    ” Jam ” can also be made with other citrus fruits, orange, lim, blood grapefruit and grapefruit, however, one must be somewhat aware of the quantity of sugar, depending on what kind of fruit you use and acidity.

    Salted lemon
    1 large jar
    6-8 organic lemons
    3-4 cups coarse sea salt, a lot of salt
    Lemons are good and cheap in January and February , so it’s good months to pickle them in. Wash the lemons and prick them 8-10 time each with a knife. Put lemon in a large jar and Fill the salt  on top and close the lid . Put the salted lemons aside in a cool, dark place for at least 1 month prior to use. Lemon and having now been given a more noble and complex fragrance, can be used as a spice and flavoring for roast poultry , fish dishes , stews , soups and salads. Use the lemon and cut it into smaller chunks – and remove the visible grains first , they contribute to unnecessary bitterness. You can also blend a little of the yellow fruit meat and use it in dressings. The salt , which in the meantime has become like a pickle, however you can  use it again to salt lemons.