Lumpfish roe

    A Danish delicacy which comes in early spring.
    Eat traditional, with sour cream, chopped red onion and toast or try to serve it in a slightly different way in a soup, a vegetable puree or fresh pancakes as the recipe here.

    Roe is held together by large membranes, these are removed by putting the roe in a bowl with some water and salt. Then whisk carefully  with a whisk  until all membranes are stuck in the whisk. Membranes peeled off the whisk and this is done a few times for all the membranes away from the roe. The water is sieved off and roe are slightly charged for all the water has dripped off. Then season with salt, so they are ready to serve.
    Roe stored in the refrigerator and will keep 2-3 days.

    Fresh Thai rolls with basil, avocado, pickled red onions and lumpfish roe
    4 people
    200 g clean lumpfish roe
    1 red onion
    1 Tbsp. acacia honey
    1 lime
    2 avocados
    3 sprigs of basil
    Salt and freshly ground pepper
    8 pcs. rice flour pancakes (available at special Asian grocery store)

    Peel the red onion, red onion cut in halves and then cut it into thin slices.
    Put red onion into a bowl and drip with lime juice, honey, salt and freshly ground pepper and let the onions marinade 30 min.
    Take the peel of avocado and slice then into thin slices, came up in a small bowl.
    Dip the pancakes in 10 seconds. the warm water, take them up and put them on a chopping board or platter.
    Place the avocado, red onion and basil on the pancake and roll it up.
    Dip the rolls in either soy dressing or chili dressing and eat with fingers.
    Server / eat as a little starter or snack before the main meal.


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