Cocktail with melon, lime, sorrel and aquavit / vodka , served with grilled sandwich with ham, melon and tomato
    4 people
    1 melon
    2 tbsp. acacia honey
    2 lime
    2 dl. water
    1 handful of sorrel (save some for garnish )
    ½ cup. vodka
    Cut the peel of the melon and put in a blender , along with juice and finely grated zest of lime , honey, sorrel , water and vodka.
    Blend it all into a smooth , rich cocktail.
    Taste the cocktail and adjust if necessary, with extra lime , honey and vodka.
    Server in cocktail glass with ice cubes, sorrel and the warm grilled sandwich.

    8 slices of good white bread
    4 thin slices parma ham
    4 small cherry tomatoes
    4 thin slices of melon
    3-4 tbsp. olive oil
    Salt and freshly ground pepper
    Put ham, slices of tomato and melon between 2 slices of bread , drizzle with olive oil and grill sandwiches fore . 2 min. On each side on a hot grill or grill pan, so they are quite crisp and golden on the outside and warm in the middle.
    Take sandwich of the grill , cut into small pieces and season with a little salt and freshly ground pepper.
    Eat the warm sandwich with the cocktail , like a small starter before dinner.
    Both sandwich and the cocktail , can of course be made independent of each other.