Roasted nuts with spices and beer

    Roasted nuts with spices and beer
    500 g mixed nuts (hazelnut, pine kernels, walnuts, macadamian)
    2 dl. dark beer
    2 tbsp. Whole spices (fennel seeds, curry, cumin, cayenne pepper)
    Sea salt

    Put all the nuts in a dry pan and toast them quietly for 5-7 minutes. Until they start to get lightly golden on the surface and “browned” Crush the spices and sprinkle them in to the nuts, then add the beer and let it “boil” until they are completely dry and the spices stick to the nuts. Finally sprinkle sea salt and remove the nuts from the pan and put them into a bowl. Nuts can be made with the spices you like, try to find your own mixture you like best. You can also replace beer with wine, soy, a little vinegar or apple juice for a sweet version. Use nuts as a snack for a welcome drink, in salads, or chopped and sprinkle on fish or poultry.