Pick rosehips, when they have a good orange color, but still are ripe and firm . Later in the season they become soft  and therefore difficult to clean and they are attacked by worms.
    Cut straight through the hips and scrape out the seeds with a tea spoon. Rinse them lightly in cold water and now they are ready for cooking.

    Rosehip jam with lemon and vanilla
    400 g rosehips (cleaned weight)
    75 g sugar
    1 vanilla pod
    2 dl. water
    1 organic lemon
    Put the rosehips in a saucepan  with sugar, vanilla seeds and pod, water and juice from lemon. Take half the lemon and cut in ¼ and up in the pan. Bring everything to a boil and boil gently, covered for 35-40 min. until the hip begins to boil slightly into a compote and jam thickens itself. Remove from the heat and put into a clean jam jar. Put the glass in the fridge and here it can stay 2-3 months unopened and 20-30 days opened.
    Eat yhejam on a piece of bread with cheese and can also be served with a pancake with some good ice cream.