Baked strawberry with white chocolate cream, toasted rye bread and verbena
    4 people
    30 fresh strawberries
    4 tbsp. sugar
    1 organic lemon
    A little verbena

    Clean strawberries and take the green of. Put strawberries into a bowl and sprinkle with sugar and juice and finely grated zest of lemon. Let strawberry marinate for 30 min.and then put  the strawberries in the oven. Baked strawberries at 100 degrees for approx. 30 minutes. So they are baked,  but still keep their shape and color. Take strawberries out of the oven and place them in the refrigerator, let the soup / strawberries cold before serving.

    White chocolate cream
    100 g white chocolate, good quality
    1 dl. whipping cream
    Warm the cream in a saucepan, chop the chocolate coarsely and when the cream is warm, remove the pan from the heat and add the chocolate with thorough mixing until completely melted. Put the cream in a bowl and set it in the refrigerator and allow to cool completely.

    Toasted rye bread
    4 slices ryebread
    1 tbsp.honey
    A little sea salt
    Cut the bread into small pieces / cubes and place them in a dry pan. Toast the bread on low heat until completely crisp and golden. Finally, add the honey and a little salt and mix well around so rye bread is evenly caramelized. Take the bread of the pan and let it cool.

    Server  the cold strawberry “soup” with a little white chocolate cream, toasted bread and sprinkle finally with verbena. The soup can also be served wit yogurt as a small breakfast or a good vanilla ice cream as dessert.